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Processing of a Complex Lipid Dataset for the NIST Inter-laboratory Comparison Exercise for Lipidomics Measurements in Human Serum and Plasma

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Peake DA, Kiyonami R, Yokoi Y, Fukamachi Y, Huang Y.
ASMS 2015 Poster Note 64471
• LipidSearch software provides an automated workflow for processing high quality Orbitrap LC-MS/MS untargeted lipidomics data and enables reliable and comprehensive lipid identification and quantification. • The high mass accuracy in both MS (120K) and MS2 (30K) obtained with the Q Exactive HF instrument allows confident lipid species identification from the highly complex human serum and plasma extracts. Almost a thousand of species are identified automatically and quantified from a single LC-MS run. • Orbitrap data combined with LipidSearch software allows simultaneous lipid ID with high coverage and quantitation. Each lipid ID was obtained with a single high quality Orbitrap MS2 scan over 4 orders of concentration dynamic range. • The CV of the technical replicates for a majority of the quantified lipids were typically below 15% showing the excellent reproducibility of the Q Exactive HF.

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Mitsui Knowledge Industry
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