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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Peake DA, Kiyonami R, Yokoi Y, Fukamachi Y, Huang Y.
ASMS 2015 Poster Note 64471
• LipidSearch software provides an automated workflow for processing high quality Orbitrap LC-MS/MS untargeted lipidomics data and enables reliable and comprehensive lipid identification and quantification. • The high mass accuracy in both MS (120K) and MS2 (30K) obtained with the Q Exactive HF instrument allows confident lipid species identification from the highly complex human serum and plasma extracts. Almost a thousand of species are identified automatically and quantified from a single LC-MS run. • Orbitrap data combined with LipidSearch software allows simultaneous lipid ID with high coverage and quantitation. Each lipid ID was obtained with a single high quality Orbitrap MS2 scan over 4 orders of concentration dynamic range. • The CV of the technical replicates for a majority of the quantified lipids were typically below 15% showing the excellent reproducibility of the Q Exactive HF.

Thermo Fisher Scientific and Mitsui Knowledge Industry
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