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Priming mass spectrometry-based sulfoglycomic mapping for identification of terminal sulfated lacdiNAc glycotope

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Yu SY, Chang LY, Cheng CW, Chou CC, Fukuda MN, Khoo KH.
Glycoconj J. 2012 Jun 1.
In an effort to prime our mass spectrometry (MS)-based sulfoglycomic mapping platform technology for facile identification of sulfated lacdiNAc (GalNAcβ1-4GlcNAcβ1-), we have re-examined the N-glycans of bovine thyroid stimulating hormone. We showed that MALDI-MS mapping of permethylated glycans in negative ion mode can give an accurate representation of the sulfated glycans and, through MS/MS, diagnostic ions can be derived that we can collectively define the presence of a terminal sulfated lacdiNAc moiety at high sensitivity. Based on these ions, which can also be produced by nanoESI-MS(n), we demonstrated that the glycome of an ovarian carcinoma cell line, RMG-1, comprises a high abundance of sulfated lacdiNAc epitopes carried on multiantennary complex type N-glycans alongside fucosylated, sialylated and/or sulfated lacNAc antennae. This represents the first report of a natural glycomic occurrence of sulfated lacdiNAc on a cell line, as opposed to other better-characterized presence on secreted glycoproteins from a handful of sources. It is anticipated that with improved methods of detection such as that developed in this work, we are likely to identify a wider occurrence of sulfated lacdiNAc and be able to more accurately delineate the regulatory mechanism dictating the choice of a cell type in synthesizing sulfated, sialylated, fucosylated and/or non-substituted lacdiNAc.
Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia Sinica, 128, Academia Road Sec 2, Nankang, Taipei, 115, Taiwan.
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