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Pressing questions on identifying and controlling mycotoxins in livestock and food products

Team TFS
Team TFS

101722 Mycotoxins Social.jpgThree panelists discuss novel mycotoxins, emerging compounds and technology investments  


Identifying and controlling mycotoxins involves not only testing for targeted compounds, but also screening for unexpected ones. Meanwhile, regulations change frequently, and labs are continually challenged to keep up with efficiency and profitability.  


When addressing these challenges, today’s labs have some pressing questions. They want to know: 

  • What’s the best way to analyze multiple mycotoxins, including emerging compounds? 
  • Which analytical technologies can help me transform operations? 
  • What holds some labs back from incorporating novel mycotoxins? 
  • How should I prioritize technology investments to ensure quality testing, while also respecting regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities?    

These are a few of the points discussed in our recent scientific roundtable series called Emerging Trends in Food Testing.  

In case you missed our April 12 discussion on Identifying and Controlling Mycotoxins in Livestock and Food Products, here’s why you may want to tune in to the recording 

101722 pull quote.pngThis session featured three panelists—all experts in the field of food testing: 

  • Jana Hajšlová, Head of ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory for Food Quality and Safety, UCT Prague 
  • Dwayne Shrunk, Laboratory Manager of Analytical Chemistry, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, Iowa State University 
  • Dr. Olaf Scheibner, Team Leader Applied Market Support, EMEA, Thermo Fisher Scientific 

During the discussion, the panelists covered four hot topics: 

  • Key areas to improve mycotoxin testing operation efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Recent changes in the field 
  • Challenges faced by organizations when transforming testing operations 
  • Future trends and challenges in mycotoxin testing and characterization 


The event included an engaging Q&A session. 


Want to hear the discussion and learn more about mycotoxins in livestock and food products? We encourage you to listen to the recording today.


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To learn more about the first roundtable discussion, Top questions and challenges faced when modernizing pesticides testingclick here. 

To learn more about the second roundtable discussion, Top challenges in measuring migration from food contact materials, click here. 

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