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Performance Characteristics of an AP MALDI Ion Source Applied to Exactive Plus Mass Spectrometer

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Bromirski M, Scheibner O, Arrey TN, Strupat K.
ASMS 2012 Video Poster
Novel Aspect: Mass range up to m/z 6000 demonstrated for AP MALDI MS and Orbitrap-based technology Purpose: Compatibility of Exactive Plus MS Instrumentation with focus on singly charged AP MALDI-produced ions at high mass range Methods: AP MALDI PDF+ ion source (MassTech, Inc.) attached to Exactive Plus MS Results: Detection of bovine Insulin at m/z 5734 u. In Source Decay fragmentation of Cytochrome C Detection of 1 fmole Angiotensin with S/N ration > 50/1 Measurement of synthetic polymer PEG 3350
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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