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Orbitrap Fusion MS for Glycan and Glycopeptide Analysis

Team TFS
Team TFS
The introduction of the Orbitrap Fusion MS provides a giant step forward for the glycomics and glycoproteomics community. The innovative instrument design contains new functionalities, including a mass selecting quadrupole coupled to both a linear ion trap and Orbitrap mass analyzer with highly optimized parallel operation. The instrument allows for increased scan rate, full flexibility of CID, HCD,ETD and EThcD dissociations at any stage of MSn analysis, ultra high field Orbitrap detection with advanced signal processing, front-end compact and robust ETD source and dedicated internal mass calibration. These functionalities combine to produce a significant performance improvement for standard glycomics and glycoproteomics experiments. Additionally, the unique tribrid architecture makes a wide array of novel acquisition experiments possible facilitating workflows that were previously inaccessible with previous generation platforms.
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‎07-03-2015 04:02 PM
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