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Optimizing and Monitoring Solvent Quality for UV-vis Absorption, Fluorescence and Charged Aerosol Detectors

Team TFS
Team TFS
Solvent quality has a large impact on laboratories using
liquid chromatography (LC) methods. A minimum purity
and filter grade is required to reliably operate an LC
system. Low particle content is beneficial for the lifetime
of LC pump check valves, pistons, and piston seals. The
column depends even more on the absence of particles.
Bottled high performance liquid chromatography
(HPLC) solvents are typically filtered at least to the
0.22 µm level to remove bacterial contaminants in
addition to any particulate matter. This is usuallly
sufficient for conventional columns packed with 3 µm
or 5 µm particles. When adding buffer salts to the
mobile phase, further preparation may
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