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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Chen Y, Liu M, Yan G, Lu H, Yang P.
Mol Biosyst. 2010 Dec;6(12):2417-22.
A novel one-pipeline approach is reported, which can demonstrate glycoprotein identification and obtain intact glycosylation information after glycopeptide-level enrichment, without de-glycosylation. The proposed workflow has two enrichment steps plus two proteolytic processes: enriched glycoproteins were digested to peptides by Lys-C, and then enriched again and secondly digested by trypsin. In the resulting mixture, with a reasonable complexity, intact glycopeptides could be preserved and utilized informatively for glycosylation analysis, and non-glycopeptides for protein identification. In both standard protein mixture tests and real sample analysis, the resulting glycopeptides and non-glycopeptides were proved to play their expected roles, thus more confident protein glycosylation information was obtained.
Department of Chemistry, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, P. R. China.
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