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Novel capillary-flow LC HRAM MS platform for fast targeted analysis and robust profiling of complex samples

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Alexander Boychenko1, Peter Bults2, Martin Ruehl1, Christopher Pynn1, Mike Baynham3, Wim Decrop1, Alexander Harder4, Nico van de Merbel2, Rainer Bischoff2, Remco Swart1
ASMS 2017 Poster
Purpose: Here we present a highly robust novel capillary-flow LC-MS platform that combines the Thermo Scientific™ capillary-flow UltiMate™ 3000 RSLCnano system (capLC), the new 150 μm ID Thermo Scientific™ EASY-Spray™ column and the new Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ HF-X mass spectrometer. Methods: We used typical shotgun and targeted proteomics experiments (Full-scan MS, Data-Dependent Acquisition (DDA), and Parallel-Reaction Monitoring (PRM)) to verify the performance and robustness of the novel capLC-MS platform. Results: We show that the novel capLC-MS platform is a sensitive and reliable solution for shotgun and targeted high-resolution accurate-mass (HRAM) proteomics experiments that can be used for routine proteome profiling of complex samples including bio-fluids as well as targeted high-throughput quantification.

1 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Germering. Germany 2 University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands 3 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Runcorn, UK 4 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bremen, Germany
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