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Next Level in Quantitative Proteomic Workflow Solutions Announced at HUPO 2009

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II

September 28, 2009 Thermo Fisher Scientific announces new products to enhance qualitative and quantitative proteomic workflows. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. announced today at the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) 2009 conference new products to enhance qualitative and quantitative proteomic workflows, enabling scientists to analyze, identify and quantify more proteins in less time - leading to higher lab productivity. "The products we are showcasing at HUPO strengthen the industry-leading Thermo Scientific workflows for qualitative and quantitative proteomics," said Ian Jardine, vice president of global research and development at Thermo Fisher Scientific. "They enhance our end-to-end solutions for early-stage biomarker discovery; larger-scale, quantitative verification of putative biomarkers; and general quantitative proteomics." Pinpoint software facilitates targeted protein quantitation New Thermo Scientific Pinpoint software is designed to simplify the transition from early-stage biomarker discovery to larger-scale, quantitative verification of putative biomarkers and general quantitative proteomics. It helps researchers develop and run intelligent SRM (iSRM) methods that maintain the accuracy and precision of targeted protein assays while increasing throughput. This new Pinpoint software is a full commercial release that includes support and documentation as well as the ability to process hundreds of raw files in a single analysis. Multiple grades of heavy peptides match performance needs and cost Isotopically labeled, non-radioactive peptides function as critical internal standards for protein quantitation experiments with mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Thermo Fisher Scientific now offers multiple grades of heavy peptides, enabling researchers to match the precision and cost of the internal standard according to the assay development stage. The Thermo Scientific HeavyPeptide AQUA Ultimate kit is designed for absolute quantification, the HeavyPeptide AQUA QuantPro kit is a more affordable alternative when ultimate precision is not necessary and the HeavyPeptide AQUA Basic kit is competitively priced and designed for relative quantification with lyophilized samples. Mass spectrometer innovations expand quantitative and qualitative performance All new Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers offer breakthrough advances in performance for proteomics analyses. The new Thermo Scientific LTQ Velos features an innovative dual-cell linear ion trap and advanced ion optics, making it the world's fastest and most sensitive linear ion trap mass spectrometer. The new Thermo Scientific LTQ Orbitrap Velos combines the new Velos technology with the industry-leading Orbitrap mass analyzer and a new higher-energy collisional dissociation (HCD) cell to deliver ultra-high resolution and accurate mass data. The LTQ Velos and LTQ Orbitrap Velos instruments dramatically increase the number of proteins identified with unprecedented speed and mass accuracy. Enhanced proteomics software increases productivity The updated Thermo Scientific Proteome Discoverer 1.1 software is a perfect complement to these new mass spectrometers, providing a comprehensive platform for the analysis of qualitative and quantitative proteomics data. Proteome Discoverer 1.1 software includes enhanced capabilities for relative quantitation via isobaric labeling such as tandem mass tags (TMT), batch searching, automated processing via a daemon, improved handling of large datasets, support for MUDPIT experiments and the ability to merge data from multiple experiments. The software complements recent introductions of Thermo Scientific SIEVE 1.2 software for label-free differential analysis of proteins, peptides and metabolites, as well as Thermo Scientific ProSightPC 2.0 software for high-throughput processing of accurate-mass MS/MS data. Discovery data from the Proteome Discoverer 1.1 software can be imported directly into the recently introduced Thermo Scientific Pinpoint software to accelerate the development of targeted quantitative experiments. High-efficiency expression of glycoproteins The new Thermo Scientific Pierce Human In Vitro Glycoprotein Expression Kit will also be introduced at HUPO. This kit improves post-translational modification of proteins by synthesizing and accurately glycosylating proteins at much higher efficiencies than competing commercial methods. When glycosylation is not necessary, the new Thermo Scientific Pierce Human In Vitro Protein Expression Kit is available.

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