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New NanoESI Source for Increased NanoLC-MS Performance in a Plug-and-Spray Configuration

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Kiyonami R, Ravnsborg C, Zabrouskov V.
ASMS 2012 Poster
Purpose: Evaluate the performance of a new nanospray ion source and nanoflow column assemblies that incorporate a nanoflow column, column heater, high-voltage electrode, and emitter into an integrated unit. Key aspects of chromatographic performance are evaluated: chromatographic resolution, retention-time reproducibility, sample loading capacity, and column robustness. Methods: A prototype nanospray source was installed on the mass spectrometer and connected to a nanoLC pump. Column assemblies were tested to evaluate column-to-column and run-to-run reproducibility. Complex peptide mixtures and a simple digest mixture were used for the evaluation. The retention-time reproducibility, peak shape, resolution and peak capacity, in different temperature ranges, were evaluated. In order to test the device flexibility, several flow rates from 150 nL/min to 500 nL/min were used. Results: A high spray stability was achieved over all LC runs. The chromatographic resolution, sensitivity, and reproducibility obtained matched other state-of-the-art data without need for adjustments, intervention or other actions beyond simply inserting the column/sprayer assembly into the nanospray source. More than 1000 proteins were identified with increased component detection in the complex protein digest mixtures. The column-to-column retention-time reproducibility for the targeted peptides in the simple digest mixture was excellent.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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