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NEPTUNE and NEPTUNE Plus: Breakthrough in Sensitivity using a Large Interface Pump and New Sample Cone

Team TFS
Team TFS
Introduction: The Thermo Scientific™ NEPTUNE™ Plus is a major update of the proven NEPTUNE MC-ICPMS platform. Among the new features are an improved pumping capacity option at the interface and a new sample cone to significantly enhance sensitivity, in particular for dry plasmas. This option is also available as upgrade on existing NEPTUNE instruments.

The sensitivity improvement resulting from the use of the large dry interface pump (100 m3/h pumping speed) is demonstrated using the standard sample cone and X-skimmer cone. Further enhancements to sensitivity arising from the Jet sample cone are reported.

This application note reports the sensitivity enhancements that can be achieved with these new features. It also reports Ar+ and oxide levels, demonstrates accuracy and precision data for Sr, Nd and Hf as well as a critical evaluation of mass bias for Nd and includes standardsample bracketing analysis of U at the ppb level.
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