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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Lange O, Hauschild J, Makarov A, Fröhlich U, Crone C, Xuan Y, Kellmann M, Wieghaus A.
ASMS 2011 Poster
Spectrum multiplexing is a powerful feature to enhance the MS/MS capabilities of the Q Exactive instrument. Because it uses the idle times during parallel Orbitrap acquisition for filling several ion species for the next scan, spectrum multiplexing does not change the acquisition speed, but drastically increases the number of precursors per second. It is shown that up to 10 precursors can be acquired in the same Orbitrap acquisition without any impact on the C-Trap ion storage. Several examples propose the use of this feature: • Throughput: The targeted analysis of a pesticide mixture containing 48 compounds showed that all precursors are acquired with less than a one-second cycle time. This is especially of interest for (ultra) fast in combination with coeluting compounds. • Analytical flexibility: Stepped collision energy spectra are implemented without an impact on scan speed. • Research: An analytical dynamic range of 320,000 in a single scan is demonstrated in a multiplexed spectrum. Further investigations will show the linearity and the limits of this approach.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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