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More Reliable Peptide Mapping

Scientific Advocate II
Scientific Advocate II
Peptide mapping is one of the routine methods for
biotherapeutics characterization. This technique,
combined with mass spectrometry, is utilized in research
environments for the determination of the primary
sequence of an antibody or the identification of
post-translational modifications. UV is often used as a
unique detection tool, for instance in stability studies. The
data interpretation of these experiments is based on
retention times as qualitative and peak area as
quantitative information. The high complexity of the
sample emphasizes the need for a highly efficient
separation that can be achieved with the Thermo Scientific


column technolology.
In addition, for a reliable
comparison of different samples, for instance of a
reference standard to a new batch of antibody, high
retention time reproducibility is mandatory for reliable
peptide identification and correct data interpretation.
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