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Metabolomics Workshop

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II

I Orbi 2012
There are two major types of metabolite profiling studies: First is the study of the biotransformation of xenobiotic. But there is also the study of endogenous metabolite, or the so called Metabolomics/Metabonomics. While the application of these two studies are different, the goal for both are actually quite similar. Both of these studies impose great challenges to analytical chemistry due to sample complexities, diversity of the chemical and structural properties, the wide range of concentration, multiple sources of variability, lack of authentic standards, and of course, the many difficulties one may face when dealing with unknown metabolites. These challenges really necessitate researchers to adopt comprehensive analytical tools and well-thought-out strategies when tackling these problems. In order to battle all the challenges, it is eminent you need to use a proper weapons including good LC, appropriate mass spectrometer. And software that can help you to find needles in a haystack of acquired data.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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