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Metabolite Profiling and Identification Employing High Resolution MS Strategies and Dedicated Software

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Welchman H, Portwood D, Seymour M, Baxter C, Earll M, Ament Z, Peake D, Seymour G, Hodgman C, Hornshaw M, Oppermann M.
Application Note 550
Food nutritional value, quality, resistance to pathogens, and flavor are some of the traits monitored by governments and the food industry in an attempt to promote the creation of robust, healthy, nutrition-rich cultivars that contribute to sustained agricultural development. Metabolomics has been identified as a key mass spectrometry-based approach in the analysis of such characteristics. Here, results from metabolite profiling and identification experiments on tomato samples are presented.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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