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Measuring Steroids and Hormones by MS/MS

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Blankenstein R.
Liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MSMS) has been introduced recently for the assessment of hormone levels in biological fluids. In this respect analytical chemistry is replacing immunochemistry in endocrine laboratories and further technical development is anticipated to replace immunoassays even further. In the webinar LC-MSMS for the assessment of steroids and other hormones, the need for better hormone assays will be discussed using testosterone as an example. The development and validation of an assay will be discussed; as well as its comparison to the reference methods (GC-MSMS). Subtle changes at low levels, that are missed by immunoassays, can be picked up. With the introduction of LC-MSMS methods, it has become clear that immunassays needed a make-over and comparison of LC-MSMS to redesigned immunoassays will be presented. The superiority of LC-MSMS over immunoassays partly comes from the insensitivity of the first to interferences that sometimes cause immunoassays to give erroneous results as exemplified by Vitamin D assays. Obviously, LC-MSMS also has disadvantages, for instance when analytes are not properly separated from other compounds in the specimen. Advantages and limitations of the current methods for hormone measurement will be compared and perspectives for future applications of LC-MSMS will be indicated.
VU University Medical Center
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