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Team TFS
Team TFS
1) Division of Applied Geology, Lulea University of Technology, S-971 87 Lulea, Sweden, 2) Division of Chemistry, Lulea University of Technology, S-971 87 Lulea, Sweden, 3) Department of Medicine, Section of Hematology, Umea University, S-901 85 Umea, Sweden, 4) Analytica AB, Aurorum 10, S-977 75 Lulea, Sweden
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology (2005), V19, pp55–60
Measurement of iron and zinc isotopes in human whole blood: Preliminary application to the study of HFE genotypes
Anna Stenberg (1), Dmitry Malinovsky (1), Björn Öhlander (1), Henrik Andrén (2), Willis Forsling (2), Lena-Maria Engström (3), Anders Wahlin (3), Emma Engström (4), Ilia Rodushkin (4), Douglas C. Baxter (4)
Multi-collector inductively coupled plasma – sector field mass spectrometry was applied to the measurement of Fe and Zn isotopes in human whole blood samples. For the Fe present in the blood of healthy adults, enrichment of the lighter isotopes relative to a standard material was observed, in agreement with earlier studies. The level of fractionation was found to be lower in hemochromatosis patients exhibiting homozygous (C282Y/C282Y) mutation of the HFE gene.
  • Neptune
  • Cu-Zn isotopes
  • Human blood
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