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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Verspreet J, Holmgaard Hansen A, Dornez E, Delcour JA, Van den Ende W, Harrison SJ, Courtin CM.
Journal of Cereal Science 61 (2015) 133e138
This is the first study describing the fine structure of the main, individual fructan oligosaccharides present in wheat grains. Wheat grain fructan structure was investigated in developing wheat grains and in different tissues of mature grains with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. Fructan oligosaccharides with a low degree of polymerization (<5) were mainly of the graminan- and inulin-type in developing wheat grains during the first week after anthesis. Starting from 14 days after anthesis, neo-type fructans, fructans with an internal glucose, were observed for the first time. Several neo-type fructan structures were identified and their portion in the total fructan pool gradually increased during grain development. In the mature kernel, almost no differences were noted between the fructan distributions of wheat flour and two wheat bran fractions enriched in either pericarp or aleurone tissue. Results are related to wheat fructan metabolizing enzymes and the nutritional implications are discussed.
KU Leuven, Technical University of Denmark
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