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Iodoacetyl Tandem Mass Tags for Cysteine Peptide Modification, Enrichment and Quantitation

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Bomgarden RD, Viner RI, Kuhn K, Pike I, Rogers JC.
ASMS 2012 Poster
Purpose: To develop an iodoacetyl Tandem Mass Tag (iodoTMT) reagent for irreversible cysteine peptide labeling, enrichment and multiplexed quantitation. Methods: Reduced sulfhydryls of protein cysteines were labeled with iodoTMTzero and/or iodoTMTsixplex reagents. Labeled peptides were enriched using an immobilized anti-TMT antibody resin before mass spectrometry (MS) analysis. Results:We developed an iodoTMT reagent set to perform duplex isotopic or sixplex isobaric mass spectrometry (MS) quantitation of cysteine-containing peptides. IodoTMT reagents showed efficient and specific labeling of peptide cysteine residues with reactivity similar to iodoacetamide. Using an anti-TMT antibody, we characterized the immunoaffinity enrichment of peptides labeled with iodoTMT reagents from complex protein cell lysates and for detection of S-nitrosylated cysteines.

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