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Incorporation of an Automated Scoring Metric for High-Resolution/Accurate-Mass Targeted Peptide Quantitation Routine

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Peterman S, Prakash A, Lopez M, Rogers J.
Hupo 2012 Poster
Purpose: Incorporate a robust method to automate targeted peptide identification, and verification based on HR/AM MS-level data when used in conjunction with spectral library information. Methods: LC-MS properties were determined by processing the peptide retention time calibration (PRTC) mixture peptides and applying these rules to the processing of targeted peptides. Establishment of correct retention times, charge state and isotopic m/z values to establish XIC plots which are then used to calculate isotope distribution correlation coefficients. HR/AM MS-level results were corroborated with spectral library data for confirmation of peptide presence. Results: Automated verification scheme for targeted HR/AM MS-level data analysis demonstrated 99% success rate for identifying targeted peptides analyzed neat and in biological matrices.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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