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Improving Experimental Efficiency for Drug Metabolite Profiling and Identification

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Yang P, Ruzicka J, Wang J, Comstock K, Ding C, Sanders M, Cameron M.
ASMS 2012 Poster
Purpose: Drug metabolite profiling and identification are a key step to promote or stop drug compound in early drug discovery stage. It has always been a challenge on how to maximize the amount of metabolite information gathered in a single analysis of drugs that were dosed in mice or incubated with mouse and human liver microsomes. In this study, several features in mass spectrometry were investigated to improve theexperimental efficiency. Methods: Several approaches from using new features of the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Orbitrap mass spectrometry are presented to improve the efficiency of using HR/AM LC/MS to characterize drug metabolites in complex samples. Results: Ultra high resolution from the Q Exactive™ Orbitrap mass spectrometry reduces interference peaks. This often improves the quantitation results. Fast polarity switching can cover positive and negative ions from a single injection. Apex-triggering of the MS/MS scans ensures that the highest quality tandem MS data are gathered on metabolites of interest.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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