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Identification of Phospholipid Species Implicated in Dementia by Untargeted High Resolution LC/MS and Data Dependent MS/MS

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Peake D, Bowman M, Kiyonami R, Li D.
ASMS 2016 Poster
• High quality Orbitrap-based LC-MS/MS untargeted lipidomics data and LipidSearch software enables reliable and comprehensive lipid identification. This method was successfully applied to the identification of lipid species previously implicated in AD patients. • High mass accuracy and specificity of the LC-MS (120K) and MS2 HCD/CID identification (15K) obtained with the Fusion Lumos MS allows confident lipid identification from human plasma extracts. • Profiling of lipids in human plasma by flow injection SRM may lead to false positives or incorrect assignments.

Thermo Fisher Scientific University of Minnesota
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