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Identification and characterization of intact proteins in complex mixtures using online fragmentation on the new Orbitrap Elite

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Eliuk S, Kellie J, Horn D, Kelleher N, Zabrouskov V.
ASMS 2011 Poster
• The Orbitrap Elite is a top of the line mass spectrometer for the identification of intact proteins on an LC timescale. High resolution MS allowed baseline resolution of isotopes for intact proteins up to 30 kDa with low ppm mass accuracy. 50 kDa proteins can be baseline resolved with resolution of 240,000. • Multiple modes of fragmentation (CID, ETD, and HCD) improved fragmentation coverage of intact proteins and allowed localization of sites of modifications • Faster scan speeds at high resolution settings (60K resolution at ~4 Hz) allowed more microscans to be summed on the LC-timescale to improve both MS and MS/MS analyses. Improves signal to noise and ion statistics of intact proteins and fragment ions. Improves fragment ion coverage in less time. • Ion trap accumulation prior to MS/MS allowed identification of low intensity proteins with high quality spectra.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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