How to scale up proteomics & biopharma analyses with less instrument setup: 6 FAQs answered

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How to scale up proteomics & biopharma analyses with less instrument setup: 6 FAQs answered

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Team TFS


Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid mass spectrometer.Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid mass spectrometer.

How can you scale up proteomics & biopharma analyses with less instrument setup?


When solving today’s most challenging demands in proteomics and biopharma discovery research, you need the ultimate speed, sensitivity and usability on your side. Ready to scale up your science? Check out the new Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ Ascend Tribrid™ mass spectrometer. Here’s what you need to know.


Six frequently asked questions


What is the Orbitrap Ascend Tribid MS?

Unlike other mass spectrometry solutions, the Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid MS can quantify more samples at lower concentrations, achieve greater coverage, and deliver the most powerful, flexible bioPharma and omics platform available.


How does it find and quantify more proteins?

With the Orbitrap MS, you can quantify more proteomic samples with label-free quantitation (LFQ) or Thermo Scientific™ TMTpro™ 18plex multiplexing for higher sample throughput and single cell proteomics. You can also confidently identify more of the proteome with PTMs with dual ion routing multiples to increase coverage. Characterize the largest macromolecules with improved detection, versatility, and sensitivity for protein complexes subunit analyses with an extended mass range up to m/z 16,000.


Speed and consistency are crucial. How does Orbitrap technology accelerate and ease workflow analysis?

New, dual ion routing multiples means labs can dig deeper in a sample and detect more in a shorter amount of time. This instrument utilizes the proven power of Tribrid architecture that combines the best quadrupole, linear ion trap, and Orbitrap mass analyzer to acquire more MS data on every sample run.


What are the benefits of an Auto-Ready ion source?

Auto-Ready ion source and instrument calibration software ensure your instrument is ready when you are for data acquisition. Use optimized method templates and ready-to-use instrument control software to help you quickly profile your complex samples. Plus, this automated, internal hardware allows you to pre-schedule and remotely run your calibrations, without having to remove the source (nSEI or FAIMS interface), to improve your productivity.


Where does this system fit in an end-to-end workflow solution?

The Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid MS fits into proteomics end-to-end workflows to supply better compatibility and superior performance when combining modular components from a single vendor. Here’s what we recommend for setting up your ultimate proteomic workflow:


How does the Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid MS help advance our discovery research?

The Orbitrap Ascend Tribrid MS is the top-tier Tribrid mass spectrometer that can increase your sample throughput, reducing the experimental cost proportionally, while increasing your ability to measure a biological system, signaling pathway, or cellular mechanism of drug activity.


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