How can the latest low-flow UHPLC technology solve today’s proteomics challenges?

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How can the latest low-flow UHPLC technology solve today’s proteomics challenges?

Team TFS
Team TFS

Vanquish-Google-Ads-Neo-1200x1200.pngIf you’re a scientist or researcher in the field of proteomics, you’re probably familiar with some common struggles, including: UHPLC system precision, accuracy, throughput and reliability.  


You want high-result reproducibility, simple operation and workflow setup, and minimum system downtime. 


In a perfect world, you also want to get high-quality data in the same (or less) analysis time, which can give you more time for data interpretation.  


Are these goals even possible with today’s UHPLC analytical instrumentation? Yes!  


It’s time to meet the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Neo UHPLC system — the first UHPLC system built not only to operate, but to excel across the entire low-flow range ideal for LC-MS applications.  


Challenge: Seeking best-in-class UHPLC technology plus flexibility and ease of use


“How can I get a single, low-flow LC system that combines all the best-in-class performance features and technology innovations, while still being flexible and easy to use?” 


Check out this 3-minute testimonial from David Perlman at Merck Exploratory Sciences Center. 



Challenge: Need robustness, reliability and versatile flow rates 


“Where can I find a next-generation low-flow ultra-high pressure LC system that’s easy to use and easy to repair, if necessary?”  


Hear the answer in this 3-minute video from Bernard Kuster at Technical University Munich. 




Challenge: Want UHPLC simplicity, predictive results and efficiency 


“How can I get more high-quality data within the same time frame, so I can focus my attention on data interpretation?”  


Get a new perspective in this 3-minute video from Karl Mechtler and Karel Stejskal at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Vienna Biocenter. 



Interested to learn more about the Vanquish Neo?  


Check out the web page: 

Read about Vanquish Neo’s recent Analytical Sciences Scientists’ Choice Award for Best New

Separations Product of 2021 – See the announcement. 


Click to see the interactive 3D product tour.Click to see the interactive 3D product tour.Or see an interactive 3D product tour: 


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