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CCS-Catalog-Image.jpgWhen performing chromatography analysis, it’s essential that you have the right tools for the job. But what if you’re not exactly sure which columns you need, or which consumables would work best for your application, samples or budget constraints? We’ve got answers to the four most frequently asked questions. 


What’s the best and most comprehensive way to find exactly what I need? 


The new 2022/2023 Thermo Scientific Chromatography Consumables and Columns Catalogue provides an interactive guide to the broadest range of column chemistries, market leading sample handling and sample preparation to help you maximize your chromatography productivity and reproducibility. See it here:  


What chromatography products are included in the catalog? 


The catalog includes an interactive library to help you search and find the right solutions, including: sample handling products (vials, caps and mats), biomolecule columns, low-flow columns, sample preparation products, HPLC/UHPLC columns, and GC columns. 


What else can I find in the catalog? 


Aside from being your complete digital guide to Thermo Scientific Chromatography Consumables and Columns products, the catalog can help you find product details, specifications and ordering information. It also offers lots of digital resources, from app notes and videos to brochures and selection tools. 


You can access and download the latest Chromatography Columns & Consumables catalogs here: 


What if I need help selecting the right products?  


We offer several tools and selection guides to help. Check out these resources: 

Sample Handling Cross Reference Tool: Designed for cross referencing chromatography vials, caps and inserts, finding an equivalent product is easy.  


Sample Handling Product Selector Guide: This guide helps you to choose the correct vials, caps, mats, plates and kits for your LC and GC applications. Additional parameters ensure compatibility with instrumentation and ensure your priorities — whether cost or performance-based — are easily met. 


LC Column Selection Guide: Find your column with ease. Whether you’re setting up a new method or simply looking at your options, our LC Column Selection Guide will steer you directly to the right product for your Biomolecule characterization in a few simple steps. 


Low-Flow LC-MS Proteomics Research Consumables Guide: For Proteomics researchers pursuing the next breakthrough – from sample preparation, through vials and columns – this guide will walk you through the right selection. 

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