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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Terri T. Christison1, Anas Kamleh2; Shen Hu3; Ryo Komatsuzaki1, Ralf Tautenhahn1, Linda Lopez1

Purpose: Demonstrate 9-min targeted analysis by IC-HRAM using automated column switching. Methods: Polar metabolites were determined using ion chromatography coupled with high resolution accurate mass spectrometry (IC_HRAM) facilitated by column switching using the dual IC system configuration. On System 1 (Sys 1) the sample was injected, the compounds were separated, and directed to the conductivity detector (CD), desalting suppressor, and MS detector. The alternate column was washed and equilibrated by Sys 2. Valve 2 controls which column is inline: Mode 1: Column 1 is using the separation conditions, Column 2 is in wash/equilibration. Mode 2: switches the column positions. Results: To further improve the throughput of the previous 20-min run, we have developed a multiplexing method capable of alternating two columns and performing sequential injections of samples. A short gradient of 9-min run time has been achieved using the new platform and good resolution was maintained for most isomeric metabolites

1. Sunnyvale-San Jose, USA 2. Hägersten, SE 3. Dentistry and Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCLA, USA
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