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High Resolution LC-MS for Screening and Quantitative Analysis of Antibiotics in Drinking Water Using an Orbitrap and Online Sample Preparation

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Beck J, Yang C, Ghosh D, Akervik K.
ASMS 2012 Poster
Purpose: To demonstrate online sample pre-concentration and extraction of water samples and analysis with high-resolution, accurate mass (HR/AM) detection, quantitation and confirmation. Methods: Inject 1 mL water samples directly onto a trapping column. The trapped compounds are then backflushed onto an analytical HPLC column and detected using a Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass analyzer. Results: This poster describes a method to perform screening and quantitation of antibiotics at ppt and sub-ppt levels in drinking water using online pre-concentration together with HR/AM confirmations of the compounds.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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