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High Resolution LC-MS for Qualitative and Quantitative Mycotoxin Analysis in Complex Food and Feed Extracts.

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Crone C, Zeller M, Bromirski M, KellmannM.
Scientific Poster
Mycotoxins in agricultural products have the potential to seriously affect the health of human and cattle. It is reported by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) that 25% of all foodstuffs are contaminated with these highly toxic substances. Therefore, strict official regulations are existing with regards to the presence of mycotoxins in feed and food. Maximum residue levels (MRL) for the individual compounds are deviating through different countries and commodities in the range of 0.5 μg/kg to several hundred μg/kg. Due to the usually quite complex matrices and time saving demands, the development of highly selective and sensitive multiresidue methods is necessary to ensure reliable results. Conventionally used triple quad multi-methods need time consuming procedures to optimize on each compound expected to be present in the sample. Also, due to this fact, the compounds have to be pre-selected with no chance for retrospective data analysis afterwards. In this work, the potential of a high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) approach for mycotoxin analysis is presented.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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