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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Zhang Y, Hao Z, Kellmann M, Huhmer A.
Application Note 554
In this study, we described HR/AM targeted quantitation on a Q Exactive MS; a hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer. Using targeted SIM, detection limits of low attomole (~10 amol) or high attomole (~100 amol) were achieved in low- or high-level complex backgrounds, respectively. The high resolution of 140,000 and high mass accuracy afforded high selectivity in target detection. The unique feature of multiplexed tSIM scan allowed sequential isolation of up to 10 targets within one scan cycle, greatly increasing throughput. The HR/AM full scan and MS/MS capability also make the Q Exactive MS well suited for qual/quan workflows. Extensive lists of target candidates can be generated through traditional data-dependent acquisition or hypothesis-driven targeted MS/MS in the early discovery phase. Hundreds, even thousands of target candidates can be immediately verified on the same instrument with a msx tSIM strategy over large number of samples with virtually no additional method development. This allows the efficient identification of most-likely candidates, on which effort can be focused in developing more-sensitive and higher-throughput quantitation methods.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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