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HR/AM Targeted Peptide Quantification on the Q Exactive MS: A Unique Combination of High Selectivity, High Sensitivity, and High Throughput

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Zhang Y, Hao Z, Kellmann M, Huhmer A.
ASMS 2012 Poster
Purpose: The performance of a novel hybrid quadrupole-OrbitrapTM mass spectrometer was evaluated in targeted peptide quantification. Methods: Two high-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) targeted quantification methods were used to analyze 14 peptide standards spiked into a complex E. coli digest background. The data were automatically processed using specialized software. Results: A detection limit of 10 amol and a linear dynamic range of 4 orders were obtained with msx tSIM methods in a moderately complex background. A detection limit of 10–50 amol and a linear dynamic range of 3–4 orders were obtained with tHCD methods in a highly complex background.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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