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Gain Calibration Protocol for 1013 Ω Resistor Current Amplifiers using the Certified Neodymium Standard JNdi-1 on the TRITON Plus

Team TFS
Team TFS
Newly developed 10 13Ω current amplifiers, 1 allow analysis of minor ion beam intensities in the range 3aA (3.10-18A, equivalent to 2000 cps on a ion counter) to 0.5fA (5.10-16A) on Faraday cups. They can be used alone when all ion beam intensities are low, or in combination with 10 11Ω, 10 12Ω or 10 10Ω current amplifiers, for measuring the ion beams of the minor isotopes from elements with extreme isotopic ratios (e.g. Ca, U, Sr) and/or for simultaneously collecting isobaric interfering species, thus providing precise and accurate isobaric interference correction.
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