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Fast Separations of Counter Ion in an Allergy Drug Tablet Using High-Pressure Capillary IC

Team TFS
Team TFS
Many drugs are manufactured in a salt form to provide
solubility, bioavailability, and stability. Counter ion
determinations are important to confirm the correct
stoichiometry and formula weight of the drug but also to
test for drug impurities. High Pressure Capillary ion
chromatography is the latest advancement in ion
chromatography instrumentation. Typically with an
Reagent-Free™ ion chromatography (RFIC™) system, the
system pressure is limited to < 3000 psi because of the
limitations of materials in the RFIC accessories. Now with
the upgrade to high pressure, the Thermo Scientific™
Dionex™ ICS-5000+
HPIC™ capillary system can operate
at system pressures < 5000 psi.
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