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Fast Ion Determinations and Efficient Separations of Complex Samples Using 4 µm Particle-Size Ion Exchange Columns

Team TFS
Team TFS
Chromatographic peak resolution is critical for peak integration which improves
accurate quantification, identification, and reporting accuracy. However, the need for
fast analysis times and high sample throughput often necessitates sacrificing peak
resolution, risking the reliability of the results reported. In the latest generation of ion
chromatography columns, the resin particles were optimized to an average distribution
of 4 µm from the earlier 7–9 µm particles. The resultant ion-exchange columns have
very high plate counts, 8k–12k plates/column, which increase peak resolution of critical
pairs. This allows fast separations while maintaining peak resolution in 150 mm length
fast columns and allows increased peak resolution of complex samples using the 250
mm high efficiency columns.
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