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Facilitate Biomarker Discovery Using Integrated “Omics” Differential Analysis with High Resolution Accurate LC/MS Approach

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Reiko Kiyonami1, Sergei Snovida2, Devin Drew1, Rosa Viner1 , Julian Saba1, David Peake1, Andreas Huhmer1, Ken Miller1

Application of “Omics” technologies to unbiased clinical biomarker discovery research of various diseases is emerging because comprehensive molecular profiling using these “Omics” technologies could better explain complex disease mechanisms and reach a new level of molecular understanding concerning carcinogenesis, disease progression, and drug-response prediction. Omics approaches are resource-intensive, analytically demanding and require the use of a sophisticated instrument platform and software to identify and quantify hundreds to thousands of molecules with high confidence and accuracy. A complete workflow based on “Omics” profiling also requires well developed sample preparation kits. We have worked on developing multiple “Omics” profiling workflows using high resolution accurate Orbitrap™ mass spectrometers in combination with liquid chromatography separations. In this study, we applied lipidomics, proteomics and glycoproteomics profiling workflows to study of Zucker diabetic fatty (ZDF) and lean rats, a model of type 2 diabetes. Plasma samples collected from three lean and three fatty Zucker rats were analyzed. With the multiple “Omics” workflows developed here we were able to simultaneously identify and quantify hundreds of individual molecular lipid species, proteins and glycopeptides with high confidence and good analytical precision. Significant changes of individual lipid species, proteins and glycopeptides were observed between the two group of rat plasma samples.

1Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, CA, USA, 2 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Rockford, IL, USA
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