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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Wang J, Tan G, Liu X, Huang Y.
ASMS 2015 Poster Note 64420
Purpose: To demonstrate a comprehensive comparison of different liquid chromatography approaches for the separation of 300 endogenous metabolites. Methods: RPLC, HILIC, and mixed-mode LC were performed for the metabolite standards. Results: Metabolites were generally divided into three categories based on the RPLC separation: RP-Green, RP-Yellow and RP-Red. The RP-Green category mainly contained nonpolar species that exhibited symmetric peak shapes and good retentions. The RP-Yellow category contained mainly polar compounds showing symmetric peaks but no retention. The third category, RP-Red was comprised of challenging to separate species showing all kinds of poor chromatographic results including splitting, tailing, broadening and very low response regardless of polarity. The three different LC modes demonstrated complementary separation for these metabolites.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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