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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Daniel Gachotte1, Yelena Adelfinskaya1, Jeffrey Gilbert1, Jonathan Robeson2, Adane Kassa2, Reiko Kiyonami3, Yasuto Yokoi4 and David Peake3
ASMS 2019 Poster
Insect lipids are highly structurally diverse species that perform many important functions including storage of metabolic energy, contributing to the structure of membranes, protection against dehydration and pathogens, and circulating energy molecules. In addition, essential lipids such as sterols (precursors of hormones) and polyunsaturated fatty acids are only available from the diet. Understanding how lipid molecular species change in response to both diet and age is critical to define nutrient requirement and fitness relationship. Detailed studies of insect lipid composition however, have been technically challenging because of the complexity of lipid profiles. We compared the robustness of a faster LC high resolution LC-MSn approach to perform non-targeted neutral lipid profiling experiments. Western Corn Rootworm larvae (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) was chosen due to it’s economical impact estimated at 2 Billion USD cost associated with its control and corn production loss in the Americas. Three populations of larvae per condition were extracted and the lipids were mixed with commercially available labeled standards. Identification of neutral lipids present in the extracts of whole insects was achieved with two different chromatographic and acquisition methods.

1Corteva, Indianapolis, IN, 2Corteva, Johnston,IA, 3Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Jose, CA, 4Mitsui Knowledge Industry, Tokyo, Japan
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