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Evaluation of quantitative performance for testosterone analysis in plasma on a novel quadrupole Orbitrap mass spectrometer

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
He X, Kozak M.
ASMS 2011 Poster
• A novel Q Exactive mass spectrometer was evaluated for its quantitative performance in targeted HCD mode to analyze testosterone in plasma with LC-MS/MS. • Sub-3ppm mass accuracy could be easily obtained with external calibration. • The ion ratio for the two fragment ions used was consistently within the 20% error window in water, charcoal stripped plasma and human plasma at all levels in the calibration standards and samples. • Results on unknown plasma samples were identical using calibration curves created with water and charcoal stripped plasma, indicating no ion suppression. • Results correlated well with immunoassay. • The Q Exactive mass spectrometer is highly sensitive. Signal to noise (S/N) ratio of >60 was achieved with accuracy of 90 - 110% at 10 pg/mL concentration. The final LLOQ can be even lower based on the S/N we observed.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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