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Evaluation of Benchtop Quadrupole Orbitrap Ultra-High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer in Rapid Quantitative Analysis of Immunosuppressant Drugs in Blood Samples

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Gao M, Kozak M.
ASMS 2015 Poster
Purpose: To evaluate a benchtop quadrupole Orbitrap mass spectrometer for rapid quantitative analysis of immunosuppressant drugs in human blood samples for clinical research. Methods: Blood samples were processed by protein precipitation, and analytes were chromatographically separated with a 3-minute LC gradient method. The mass spectrometer collected high resolution MS/MS spectra for each analyte, and the most abundant fragment was used for quantitation. The method was evaluated by obtaining limits of quantitation, intra- and inter-assay precisions, and investigating matrix effects. Cross-correlation between this method and a method from a collaborator’s research laboratory was determined. Results: We developed a fast and cost efficient method for analysis of Immunosuppressant drugs in blood. The method performance met clinical research laboratory criteria. Implementation of high resolution mass spectrometers in clinical research laboratories has advantages over conventionally used triple quadrupole instruments because of their versatile application range: screening, quantitation, and structure elucidation.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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