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Escape the Metabolomics Identity Crisis with Intelligence Driven Mass Spectrometry

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Amanda Souza
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Small molecule unknown identification is challenging due to the vastly diverse chemical space with exponential possibilities for any given compound. High-resolution accurate-mass spectrometry delivers informative analytical measurements providing biological insight. Yet, converting mass spectra into confidently annotated compounds is a difficult process due to the complexity of small molecules hindering confident biological interpretation. New workflow strategies for data acquisition and analysis have been developed for applications like metabolomics on Orbitrap MS systems. Employing an intelligent acquisition strategy minimizes fragmentation of background ions and degenerate signals, and efficiently generates more spectral information on relevant compounds. Information-rich data combined with advanced annotation tools and highly curated spectral libraries removes the identification barrier leading to confident biological interpretation.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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