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Environmental contaminants are a global concern — and an evolving challenge.  


We know compliance standards and regulations are highly dynamic, and will continue to evolve as new environmental threats emerge year-to-year, from country-to-country. If your lab performs environmental contaminant analysis, you need a partner who can cover a full spectrum of contaminants and capabilities. 


The full spectrum: seven types of environmental contaminants 


The presence of xenobiotics such as engineered nanomaterials, along with persistent organic pollutants (e.g., flame retardants) in the environment has raised concerns about the impact of these contaminants on the environment and public health. We can help you satisfy some of the world’s most stringent regulatory requirements with our broad range of solutions to detect and quantify contaminants in air, drinking water, wastewater, soils, sewage sludge (biosolids) and composts. Do you need to expand your testing to include any of the following? We can help:

  1. Persistent organic pollutants (dioxins, PAHs and more) 
  2. Volatile and semi-volatile organic contaminants (PAH, PAHs and more) 
  3. Microplastic characterization and identification 
  4. Wet chemistry (anions, cations, nutrient identification and more) 
  5. Inorganic contaminants (ultra-trace metals, anions and more) 
  6. Disinfection byproducts (HAAs, NDMA, bromate, bromide and more) 
  7. Emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), hormones and more) 


More than a solution provider — we’re your partner 

We have what you need to meet the world’s increasing analytical testing demands for virtually every environmental contaminant. Our comprehensive solutions and workflows are designed to go beyond routine analysis and monitoring because so much depends on everything you do. Not just optimizing productivity in the lab to improve the bottom line, but safeguarding our environment and the health of our communities, as well. 


Want to read more about how Thermo Fisher Scientific can help you expand your service line, maximize uptime and optimize your environmental contaminant analysis?  


Check out our latest brochure 


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