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Easy-to-Use, Plug-and-Spray Ion Source for Robust and Reproducible Ultra High Pressure Nanoflow LC/MS

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Kiyonami R, Ravnsborg C, Madsen O, Zabrouskov V.
Technical Note 63546
The EASY-Spray concept provides an integrated, temperature-controlled column-emitter solution that requires a user to make a single nanoViper connection between the LC and the MS source to achieve exceptional nanoflow LC/MS performance. EASY-Spray columns eliminate dead volumes, assuring narrow peaks and excellent results. EASY-Spray columns are available in 15 cm, 25 cm and 50 cm lengths for high separation efficiency and resolution to maximize peptide coverage. In contrast, chip-based microfluidic systems use short columns with limited resolution and loading capacity and may lack temperature control. The new EASY-Spray column design provides excellent retention time reproducibility over wide range of flow rates and column temperatures as tested on a single column and in column-to-column tests. The EASY-Spray emitter also demonstrated high robustness. With its ease-of-use, robustness and reliability, the new EASY-Spray source provides state-of-the-art nanoflow HPLC performance for both MS experts and non-experts.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
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