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EA-IRMS: Detection of Honey Adulteration

Team TFS
Team TFS
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bremen, Germany
EA-IRMS: Detection of Honey Adulteration
Oliver Kracht and Andreas Hilkert
Honey is subject to fraud by adulteration with low price invert sugar syrups. Saccharides in syrups derived from cane, corn or beet sugar are difficult to distinguish from those in pure honeys. AdulterationSugar cane and corn syrups, the most widely used adulterants, have distinctive isotopic 13C signatures because both sugar cane and corn plants use the C4 photosynthetic pathway in contrast to most honey which is derived from plants that use the C3 photosynthetic pathway. These differences in 13C isotopic composition allow detection of > 7% addition of such sugars.
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  • Food Authenticity
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