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Discovery and De Novo Sequencing of Insect Neuropeptides Using the LTQ Orbitrap XL

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Kellmann M, Moehring T, Pinkse M, Verhaert P.
Application Note 30137
For this study, the corpora cardiaca/corpora allata complex (cc/ca; the insect equivalent of the mammalian pituitary gland) of cockroaches served as the source of sets of biological (neuro)peptides to be structurally elucidated by nano HPLC coupled to LTQ Orbitrap XL. The dataset combines information acquired in a single nano LC-MS/MS run using different types of fragmentation (both CID and HCD). The comprehensive information obtained led to the structural characterization of more than 20 known neuropeptides (including pyrokinins, sulfakinins, allatostatins, hypertrehalosemic hormones, corazonin) by de novo sequencing as well as by database searching. These identifications provide a clear demonstration for the robustness of our de novo sequencing approach.

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