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Direct Analysis Using Paper-Spray Mass Spectrometry: Rapid Screening of Drugs of Abuse for Forensic Toxicology

Scientific Advocate II
Scientific Advocate II
Paper spray is a direct ionization technique that simplifies the mass spectrometric analysis of dried blood spots (DBS). Paper-spray technology is therefore attractive for forensic toxicology screening for drugs of abuse. The sample collection and storage of DBS in a
forensic toxicology screening. Amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, cocaethylene, codeine and PCP are shown in this work.
The sample collection and storage of DBS in a simple paper cassette make shipment of samples to the forensic toxicology lab safe and convenient. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis of small molecules from complex matrices such as blood or other biological fluids is possible without time consuming sample
preparation and chromatography.
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