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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Scott Peterman1, Emily Chen1, David Sarracino1, Amol Prakash2, and Ken Miller1
ASMS 2018
Purpose: Increase the routine plasma proteome profiling capabilities while maintaining 1 hour sample injection cycles and maximizing system robustness. Methods: The developed method modified the chromatographic separation by incorporating analytical flow UHPLC pumps, a PLRP-S trapping column, and 50-cm analytical column to maximize loading and peak capacities. Results: The alternative chromatographic method enabled significantly greater amounts of plasma digest to be evaluated reproducibly while mitigating adverse chromatographic and mass spectral performance. Over 350 proteins were routinely quantified using a 52-minute method.

1 Thermo Fisher Scientific PMSC, Cambridge, MA, USA 2 Optys Technologies, Shrewsbury, MA, USA
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