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Development of a High-Throughput Urine Analysis for Global Protein Profiling

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Scott Peterman, David Sarracino, Amol Prakash, Bryan Krastins, Gregory Byram, Gouri Vadali, Maryann Vogelsang
ASMS 2016 Poster Note 64441
Purpose: Develop a comprehensive translational proteomics workflow for urine combining sample preparation, data acquisition, and processing. Methods: Performed pSMART data acquisition to sample UHPLC peaks for increased protein/peptide content generation per unit time. Incorporate unique data processing strategies in Pinnacle software for automated qualitative and quantitative analysis. Results: The experimental method using pSMART generated over 55% more peptides consistently sampled per injection. Unique data processing strategies in the Pinnacle software significantly increased the protein sequence coverage compared to Sequest searching for N- and C-terminal truncation analysis, which is key for urine proteomics.

Thermo Fisher Scientific BRIMS, Cambridge, MA; Optys Technology Inc. Philadelphia, PA, and Nuclea Biosciences, Cambridge, MA
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