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Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Scott Peterman, David Sarracino, Amol Prakash, Bryan Krastins, Gregory Byram, Gouri Vadali, Maryann Vogelsang
ASMS 2016 Poster Note 64441
Purpose: Develop a comprehensive translational proteomics workflow for urine combining sample preparation, data acquisition, and processing. Methods: Performed pSMART data acquisition to sample UHPLC peaks for increased protein/peptide content generation per unit time. Incorporate unique data processing strategies in Pinnacle software for automated qualitative and quantitative analysis. Results: The experimental method using pSMART generated over 55% more peptides consistently sampled per injection. Unique data processing strategies in the Pinnacle software significantly increased the protein sequence coverage compared to Sequest searching for N- and C-terminal truncation analysis, which is key for urine proteomics.

Thermo Fisher Scientific BRIMS, Cambridge, MA; Optys Technology Inc. Philadelphia, PA, and Nuclea Biosciences, Cambridge, MA
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