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Development of Bioinformatics Support for High Throughput Isomeric Separation and the Structural Identification of Glycans by LC-MS

Reputable Mentor II
Reputable Mentor II
Ningombam Sanjib Meitei1, Arun Apte2, Udayanath Aich3, Julian Saba4

The separation of glycans by chromatography prior to MS analysis can reduce sample complexity, minimize ion suppression, and increase dynamic range and separation of structural isomers. Recent developments in mixed-mode columns and faster scanning mass spectrometers have increased the number of glycans resolved and identified by LC-MS. However, these advancements lead to large data sets. Additionally, chromatograms of isomeric glycans are complex with some isomers co-eluting under a single peak. Manual deconvolution of such complex chromatograms, identification of isotopic peaks components, identifying MS/MS scans for detected compounds and selection of correct precursor m/z values from the isotope cluster for MS/MS data analysis is time consuming. In addition to these challenges, the accuracy of rapid identification of glycans in high throughput manner has been hampered by lack of glycan templates. Therefore, we have developed a software tools to streamline this process.  We also have developed web based software modules which facilitates users to store glycans along with retention time.

1. PREMIER Biosoft, Indore, India 2. PREMIER Biosoft, Palo Alto,CA U.S.A 3. Thermo Fisher Scientifi c, Sunnyvale, CA 4. Thermo Fisher Scientifi c, San Jose, CA
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