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Team TFS
Team TFS
Nucleotides are essential compounds active in many cell functions such as energy
storage and release, signal transduction and synthesis of DNA and RNA. In recent
years, there have been extensive studies of using nucleoside analogs as drugs in anti-cancer, anti
-viral and immunosuppressive therapy,1,2 and monitoring of their activated
nucleotides metabolites is of paramount importance to understand the pharmacology.
Reported methods for nucleotides quantification include liquid chromatography (LC)
with ion paring reagent,
3 hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography
4 (HILIC), ion
chromatography5,6 (IC) and capillary electrophoresis
7-9 (CE) with different detections
such as conductivity, UV and mass spectrometry (MS). These methods usually do not
have sufficient retention or complete chromatographic resolution to establish
nucleotides profile, or required sensitivity to quantify nucleotides at trace levels.
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