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Detection and Quantitation of Brominated and Chlorinated Hydrocharbon by DART with Linear Ion Trap and Triple Quadrupole Technology

Team TFS
Team TFS
Brominated hydrocarbons also known as BFRs have been used in various industries for decades. Recently, several classes of BFRs have been detected in the biosphere. OCs have also been used for many years primarily as pesticides, the most infamous of
these being DDT. While most OCs have been banned in the United States, their use still occurs in developing countries. The continued use of BFRs and OCs, as well as
their persistence in the environment and potential deleterious activity therein, makes the detection and monitoring of these compounds an important topic. We propose
DART as a simple, rapid, easy-to-use technique; eliminating the need for
chromatographic method development, and reducing or eliminating sample preparation, for detection and quantitation of both BFRs and OCs.
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